About Us

About Us

Great business understanding

It is essential that anyone undertaking an SEO campaign on behalf of your business understand what you do, who your target market is, where they are based and why they might seek what you offer. SEO Gold Coast ensure we know all the relevant details of your operation before we implement your campaign, ensuring you get fantastic results.

Strong work ethic

We have a dedicated team at our SEO Gold Coast who works tirelessly to get the results you want. We not only work hard, but provide the transparency other companies are reluctant to offer. Our late night and weekend efforts in the office are evident and accessible on your personalized dashboard. SEO Gold Coast are committed and focused on your results.

Real people, real relationships

We value the strong relationships we build with all our clients. Where other SEO providers see numbers and figures, we see people and partners. Your results are our results and, as such, forming a close bond with the businesses we look after is paramount to your search engine and ROI increases.

Affordable SEO work

We offer some of the most affordable SEO campaigns on the market today. We have digital infrastructure across the globe, with staff and technology in hubs such as London, New York and Singapore. This allows us to offer the very best rates. SEO Gold Coast packages start at $299, rather than the $1500 offered by many providers.