The Challenges of SEO

The Challenges of SEO

November 27, 2014
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Some two and half thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wrote that, “There is nothing permanent except change”. He wasn’t to know about SEO, but his wise words are entirely applicable to our fickle industry. Anything and everything is liable to change in SEO. From John and Joan Citizen on their mobile or laptop to the lords of Google algorithms, we are all constantly evolving how we interact on and offline and SEO reflects many of our decisions and behaviours.

Those who work in SEO have, more than almost any other industry, to be involved, innovative and, perhaps most importantly, adaptable in order to keep track of and adjust to the many changes and challenges that are inevitable in any and every campaign. Gold Coast SEO pride ourselves in our ability to evolve with the industry and constantly refresh our strategies to ensure they remain effective.

While even the type of challenges change, there are some broad categories that often cause the greatest headaches for SEO campaigners. Here are just two of the most common issues and strategies that may help you minimise their chances of happening or their impact.


Often, SEO clients have only a very superficial knowledge of what the practice entails and what sort of results they can expect from their campaign. Markets and competition vary greatly between industries and it’s very easy for those new to SEO to have a distorted set of expectations. This often leads to disappointment on the part of a client, despite an SEO team doing all the right things for their campaign.

Managing these expectations is the key to avoiding unwarranted disappointment. Be open and honest from the very outset. Let the client know what you can (and cannot) do with the time and money you have to work with. Too many SEO providers promise the world and set their clients up for disappointment. Gold Coast SEO are transparent with all our clients and will let you know from our very first communication exactly what you can expect from a campaign with us.

Finite Resources

Comprehensive SEO campaigns require a lot of work and extensive team of experts. From web development to social media, content to lead generation, there are many and varied facets that need to be developed and united to achieve the results everybody desires. Staff, however, may be in short supply or too busy on other campaigns and this can be reflected in the success of the campaign.

Again, management is the key. Understanding the capacity of your resources will help you delegate and manage campaigns effectively. This may necessitate hiring more staff or even turning down work. Remember that every campaign requires and deserves your business’ complete attention and skillset. Prioritising, internally and behalf of the client, is also important. Place your focus on what will get results for them and explain your strategy and reasoning to ensure that expectations match available resources. Gold Coast SEO are extremely well resourced and have a great team of professionals with a manageable workload to ensure your campaign gets our complete attention.

These, and many other, challenges are sure to arise in a campaign over time and the management style you employ before and during any SEO work will affect how these hurdles are overcome (or crashed into) and help shape the outcome of the campaign. Management is a great strength of Gold Coast SEO and we assign a project manager to every campaign to keep it running smoothly, over and above those hurdles.